The Public Data Lab is an interdisciplinary network exploring what difference the digital makes in attending to public problems.

We develop materials and formats for collective inquiry with and about digital data, digital methods and digital infrastructures.

Here are some of our projects so far along with the people contributed to them:

Our approach is characterised by an interest in:

  • Intervention around social, political, economic and ecological issues;
    (attending to how these are materialised and manifested)
  • Participation through involving different publics in the co-design of our work;
    (attending to the means through which involvement is organised)
  • Artisanship in advancing the craft of assembling digital data, methods and infrastructures to produce different kinds of works, stories and experiences;
    (exploring how social and cultural research may inform critical and inventive re-configurations)
  • Openness in sharing research, data and code for all to use;
    (attending to the social lives of such materials as they are repurposed in different settings)

We assemble through our projects, events and activities. If you are interested in collaborating, you are welcome to get in touch.